12 Reasons to Use Roman Brokers Insurance

Understanding Your Need

Today, millions of Medicare beneficiaries find the process of selecting coverage so difficult and overwhelming that they simply give up and guess or choose the wrong plan out of frustration. The wrong decisions can cost them hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars every year.

An article in the Journal of Health Economics reports that over 90% of people with Medicare prescription drug coverage overpay by about 15 percent of expected total out-of-pocket cost each year for drugs and Part D insurance because of sub-optimal plan choices, and a significant number make mistakes that cost them more than $1,000 annually.

According to a 2016 study by the Clear Choices Campaign and NCOA , seniors often did not select Part D plans that offer them the best value. The study found that in 2006, beneficiaries could have saved an average of 19% to 33% on their Medicare Part D expenses if they had selected a plan that best matched their medical circumstances. Only 11% of beneficiaries chose the best plan in 2006; this number fell to 8% to 9% in 2007-2008 and 2% in 2009. About 90% of people simply stuck with the same plan they chose the previous year, despite costing them considerably more!

Consumers spend even more money on Medigap and Medicare Advantage plans. 60% of people with Medicare say they are overwhelmed by the process of choosing a health plan.

12 Reason to use Roman Brokers Insurance

My name is Dan Roman, owner of Roman Brokers Insurance. I have worked in the insurance, medical, health and wellness industries for nearly 30 years. I have an extensive understanding of our complex healthcare system. I can help you better-understand Medicare as it applies to you and your local Medicare options.

Located in Mesa, AZ, I am local, and I am a licensed, insured, independent broker. I am certified to represent most major Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement and Medicare Prescription Drug Insurance plans in Arizona. I help you compare companies and plans for the best possible combinations of quality, cost, coverage and compatibility for your unique needs. I will walk you through the process and give unbiased and accurate information about your choices in. Contact Roman Brokers Insurance today at 480-834-7447. We can provide guidance at no cost and no obligation to you!

I offer my services at NO COST, No Obligation to you:

  1. Personal appointments – I am local and I will come to you! Or if you prefer, we can use electronic platforms to meet virtually.
  2. First I listen – Having a clear understanding of your needs, preferences, budget, doctor and prescription requirements, enrollment period and more will give me and you a greater level of confidence in the suitability of plan options.
  3. You’re always in control – I offer you accurate, unbiased information to help YOU make an informed decision after I explain the strengths and limitations of each option.
  4. Save you money on prescriptions – I work for you to find plans that cover your medications at the lowest total cost.
  5. Save you money on healthcare – I research and review benefits, co-pays and co-insurance that best suit your needs.
  6. Research provider networks – I find plan choices for you that include the hospitals, physicians and other providers you want to see.
  7. Save you time – Finding the right plan, with the providers, prescriptions, services, additional benefits, costs and qualities to fit your needs all takes time and knowledge. I do that for you.
  8. Enrollment guidance – I provide understandable guidance and details on time frames and enrollment periods that apply to your specific needs, giving you a “road-map” to enrollment success.
  9. Help you apply for Medicare Extra Help and Medicare Savings Programs – If you have limited income and resources, these Federal and State programs can help save you money on healthcare costs.
  10. Help you enroll – Applications for enrollment can be confusing and time-consuming to submit. Mistakes can be costly. I do the work for you!
  11. Again, all of my services are NO COST, No obligation to you.
  12. Service for Life – My service to you extends well beyond the enrollment process to provide year-round service and annual reviews to be sure you are in a plan that suits your needs as your needs and preferences change.

Contact me today to schedule an appointment or get additional information. I look forward to serving you.

Independent Broker Versus Captive Agent

When it comes to finding a licensed agent to help you with Medicare choices, there are two broad types of agents: Independent and Captive. Though both are qualified, they differ in several significant ways.

The Limitations of Captive Agents

  1. They work for a single insurance company and know and sell only that company’s Medicare products.
  2. They can only represent and provide quotes for the Medicare plans their company offers. They cannot offer you alternatives from other insurance companies for comparison.
  3. They try to sell their company’s products no matter if it is the right fit for their client or if the client can find a better plan fit somewhere else.

The Freedom of Independent Brokers

  1. We work as a broker between you and many different insurance companies.
  2. We are not obligated to represent one particular company. Rather, we are loyal to our client. We can find you the best deal for your needs.
  3. We shop many different insurance companies to find the right policy for our client. We have carrier AND plan options from which to choose. We can speak with you about the specific coverage options you need in your policy, as each insurance company has different plan benefits, rates, networks, service areas and more.
  4. We have access to plans that fit budgets of all sizes and individual preferences.
  5. We find you exactly what you need, putting your needs first. As brokers (or independent agents), we make our living and build our credibility by making our clients happy, not by trying to fit your specific needs into a single company’s plan options.

8 Benefits of Using an Independent Broker

There are many benefits to choosing Roman Brokers Insurance as your independent, licensed broker-agent specializing in Medicare to help you find the right Medicare plan for you.

  1. A broad knowledge of Medicare – Licensed independent brokers specializing in Medicare usually have years of experience and knowledge about the rules regarding enrollment and how Medicare works. We go through many hours of training and education every year in order to sell Medicare insurance plans. Use our understanding of Medicare to your advantage. We can help you avoid pitfalls as you explore your options. With experience in the Medicare market, we can help educate you about Medicare terminology, policies, and processes.
  2. Service at no cost to you – The insurance company provides a commission to Roman Brokers Insurance when you enroll in a plan. Your cost will not differ whether you work with us or enroll on your own. Why not get the help of a knowledgeable and licensed insurance sales agent who can make the process of enrolling easier? Get the help you need from a well-informed, experienced independent broker, even if you don’t decide to purchase the policy through us.
  3. We’re local – Being local means we can provide more detailed knowledge of the plans available in your area. We are familiar with the network of providers and suppliers, and can help advise you in regards to the Medicare plans offered in your “service area.”
  4. A variety of available options – As independent brokers, we represent a wide selection of companies and plan options. You get the benefit of comparing multiple plans and companies without bias to make a more informed choice.
  5. Help you find a cost-efficient plan – Every Medicare beneficiary is unique. As independent brokers, we stay updated with the news and changing deductibles, co-pays and co-insurances of all plans we represent so that we can determine the most cost-effective plans given your particular circumstances. Remember, we work directly for you, not the insurance companies.
  6. Saves you time – Whether you are retired or not, our service as your broker saves you the time, hassle and work of researching and comparing many different insurance companies and their plans. We can help you narrow down your options efficiently, and guide you to the coverage that will fit your circumstances so that you don’t waste time with options that simply won’t meet your needs.
  7. Unbiased – We work with various insurance providers, without bias. We find and recommend high-quality plans that fit all your needs. You can count on unbiased and comprehensive information. Since we work for you, we want what’s best for you.
  8. One-stop shopping solution – As your broker, we have access to plan information, and assistance in solving problems that may save you time, money and hassles. We provide assistance related to insurance plan or Medicare questions.
  9. Service after enrollment – As your independent broker our service continues after you enroll. We are available year-round to answer questions and help you address your policy concerns, changes, and renewals in the coming years. We can help you review your coverage annually and select a new plan based on your changing needs.

We’re here to Help You Navigate Your Medicare Options

Roman Brokers Insurance in Mesa, AZ represents a wide range of Medicare plans and options. We are dedicated to helping you develop an understandable Medicare strategy that best suits your needs and preferences. No one strategy is best for everyone.

Roman Brokers Insurance compares companies and plans for the best possible combinations of quality, cost, coverage and compatibility. A licensed, insured, independent agent will walk you through the process and give unbiased and accurate information about your choices in. Contact Roman Brokers Insurance today at 480-834-7447. We can provide guidance at no cost and no obligation to you!